Propane Equipment

Not all propane equipment is created equal, there is a wide variety of available equipment and choosing the right or wrong equipment is the most significant factor in how much money you will save when converting to propane heat. Our energy advisors can help you choose the equipment that best meets your individual heating needs.

Here are a few things you should consider to consider when making the choice to upgrade to a new efficient propane system:

  • General Propane Equipment Suggestions
  • Do not rely on AFUE Efficiency Ratings
  • Avoid purchasing propane equipment that involve atmospheric burners
  • Avoid purchasing propane equipment that does not required electricity (unless you do not have access to electricity)
  • Propane Hot Water Boiler Suggestions
  • When replacing an existing system, choose the new propane system that will most efficiently heat the existing radiation.
  • Appropriately match a propane boiler to the radiation (new construction) to ensure minimizing annual heating costs.
  • Avoid Chimney vented propane boilers, most are very inefficient, with the exception of Energy Kinetics System 2000 boilers.
  • Propane Warm Air Furnaces Suggestions
  • Upgrade to a modulating two stage furnace to realize peak efficiency.
  • Choose a model that has a variable speed motor to maximize comfort.
  • Propane Water Heater Suggestions
  • Reduce Costs by avoiding tank water heaters
  • Purchase efficient tank less/on demand propane water heaters
  • Heat Domestic Hot water off an existing propane boiler

WFC and Gray’s Oil sell, install and continually offers specials on quality and efficient propane boilers, furnace, water heaters, propane conversion burners, space heaters, standby generators, among other propane equipment including the following:

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